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28th May, 2022


10:AM Onwards


Zenith Associates Sec 132, NOIDA

About Rajan Thakral

Rajan comes from a humble background yet an accomplished Leader, called as 'GURUJEE' among his network, and created anonymous successful real estate champions.
Master in his ways, Rajan has made some real Real Estate success stories across Dubai Australia and now in india. He is a co-founder of the fastest growing real estate company in Noida - Zenith Associates.
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Rajan Thakral

Real Wealth Expert of India

Journey of Rajan Thakral

With humble beginnings in Saharanpur , Rajan started his journey at the age of 15 by working in his traditional family business of garments in Saharanpur, this gave him basic insights of entrepreneurship .
His passion of doing something apart from his family business steered him to open a printing press which was state of the art at that time in Saharanpur .
After running printing press successfully for several years , he wanted to spread his wings further and took a decision to leave his hometown and come to Noida , that’s where gods plan started working for him .
He started a car accessories business in Noida .
Rajan has always believed that being passionate is more important that any skill , his passion and energy have always helped him achieve anything that he wanted .
On reaching Noida he realised that Real Estate was something which he had passion for and real estate in noida was booming .
With just this thought of entering into real estate he started meeting people from real estate background who used to come to his car accessory shop . His friends in real estate realised his potential and persuaded him to get into real estate business .
Once he entered property market , there was no looking back .
He realised that everything that has happened in his life before was just to bring him into this business , that was the gods plan !!
Again noida was very small territory for Rajan to spread his wings , he decided to go abroad and continue and learn real estate in international market . This bought him to Melbourne .
Real estate market in Melbourne was much organised and Rajan got a lot of exposure and learning from there .
Gaining international exposure from melbourne Rajan started real estate in dubai too.
With time Rajan had throbbing real estate business in noida,melbourne and Dubai .
Everything was going perfectly fine when god decided to test him .
His son was diagnosed with leukaemia. Suddenly the priorities changed and he had to come back to india for treatment of his son .
He had to shut down the businesses that he had created from scratch.
After almost 1.5 years of sleepless nights , struggles and nervous breakdowns , his son finally came out of the disease .
With not much money left with him after the treatment of his son , Rajan had only 2 things PASSION and ENERGY
With his super PASSION and ENERGY , he started his journey in real estate again .
Again from scratch and with bare minimum capital .
As of today RAJAN has become one of the leading real estate consultants in Noida .
In last 2 years his growth has been phenomenal , he has a huge and dedicated team which is aligned to his passion .
He has trained his team to become entrepreneurs and be financially independent.
As he says PROGRESSION is much better than PERFECTION. And over the years his progress has made him into a PERFECTIONIST.

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